Car and Dog Wash Products

Industry-Leading Equipment

Kärcher Opti8000

The Kärcher Opti8000 is an automatic touchless system where the machine passes back and forth along the vehicle.

Kärcher is the gold standard in automatic car washes. The industry-leading Kärcher Opti8000 technology allows the machine to get closer to the vehicle surface for an optimal clean with hotter water and higher pressure… resulting in a sparkling clean vehicle and happy customers.

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Car Wash Equipment at Stonebridge Car and Pet Wash

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Comtec Cleaning Products

Say Goodbye to Mud and Grime

Our automatic and self-serve washing bays feature Comtec Cleaning products which are effective against mud and in counteracting the harmful effects of Magnesium Chloride, providing the best car wash results. For a spot free rinse, treated water is also available. Vacuums and shampooing stations are conveniently located at each Stonebridge Car and Pet Wash.

Evolution Pet Wash System

Featuring Tropiclean Products

Stonebridge Car and Pet Wash is pleased to feature Evolution Pet Wash stations and high-quality, natural Tropiclean products for our furry friends. The dog wash system is easy to use with minimal over spray. Evolution Dog Wash features: pumps infuse shampoo with water, fits all sizes of dogs from tiny to giant and contoured, non-skid wash platform. Choose regular or tick & flea shampoo.