Stonebridge Car Wash’s tips on car care:

  1. When you have chemicals on your car after a storm, DO NOT wait very long to wash them off. Colorado uses mag-chloride to deice roads, which will cause your vehicle to rust.
  2. When you come in, use a feature that will wash the undercarriage. Stonebridge Car Wash uses a touchless car washing system in our automatic bays that will clean the undercarriage. Any option in the automatic car wash bays will address the undercarriage.
  3. If you want extra protection, use the higher end washes, which add extra conditioner and paint protectant.
  4. Use, on occasion, the self-serve bays. Using the self-serve bay will remove small particle debris and will allow the automatic touchless car wash to be even more effective in keeping your car clean. As always, thanks for using Stonebridge Car Wash for your car wash needs!

Car Wash Video

Under Carriage Spray