Ever wonder what common questions come up for a car wash?

  • Stonebridge Car Wash has recently been asked about what fits under the touchless wash bays and if the car wash will accept dual-wheeled vehicles.
  • For the dog wash, customers want to know the hours of operation, and if they need to sign up for a time.

To answer these questions:

  • Stonebridge Car Wash wants to say that we can accommodate these washes. Both your 5th wheel and your dual-wheeled vehicles are able to be cleaned at the car wash. You need to tuck in your mirrors if they are extended. Also, expect that the outer tire will be on top of the guide rail, with the inner tire being suspended in the air. This is normal and will not damage your vehicle.
  • For the dog wash, you are welcome to come at any time to wash your dog. It is first come first serve. The dog washes are at the end of the wash bays past the self-serve bays.

Car Wash Video

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